Hotel room93%
Room Service92%
  • 2017/12/07 23:35

    from Australia

     93% Satisfied

    On all of our prior visits to the hotel we have always found the reception staff to be extremely friendly and helpful. On this occasion the demeanour of the reception staff was one of indifference and at the time of checking in it almost seemed like our presence was an annoyance. The attitude conveyed did not make us feel welcomed and the priority seemed to be the payment for our room rather than welcoming us to the hotel. Fortunately the room was still to the high standard we have experienced in the past and housekeeping always maintained it to that standard.

     ROBERT recommends this hotel

  • 2017/12/04 00:49

    from AUSTRALIA

     100% Satisfied

    Always a great stay, the staff really make the place exceptional

     KRISTY recommends this hotel

  • 2017/12/02 23:46


     83% Satisfied

    We had our Christmas function there on Friday night the 1st of December. We were really impressed with the food and there was lots and it was loverly and fresh. Thankyou for squeezing the extra person in, as 2 had decided at the last minute not to come and then one of them decided to come anyway. The only fault we found was that 3 tables in that room would have been better as we were all squashed up and so close to our neighbour it was a little hard to eat and not that relaxing. As we had the room to ourselves another table with 7 on 2 tables and 6 or 5 as the case maybe on the last. We definitely would consider coming back but would like to be assured of a more roomy seating arrangement. NB, It is a little hard to write a comment on accommodation as we did not stay most sincerely

     SHIRLEEN recommends this hotel

  • 2017/11/30 21:23


     100% Satisfied

    Hi Guys, you know I love you all and you make me feel like I'm coming home to family. Thanks for looking after me so well, I feel nothing is ever an effort and it's a pleasure to come and stay each month. Thanks.

     CAROLYN recommends this hotel

  • 2017/11/30 04:11

    from AUSTRALIA

     100% Satisfied

    Felt very comfortable and at ease in your establishment. I have writtren a review on Trip advisor. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and would recommend to others.

     SANDRA recommends this hotel

  • 2017/11/28 02:24

    from AUSTRALIA

     100% Satisfied

    Although there were no views from our room, the hotel was very clean, really friendly and helpful staff and in the perfect location.

     MICHAEL recommends this hotel

  • 2017/11/27 22:07

    from Australia

     63% Satisfied

    The hotel room was nice and clean, although there was no bin bags for the kitchen and bathroom and I unfortunately did not get a good sleep due to the uncomfortable pillows before my job interviews. The reception staff were lovely and friendly which made the experience better.

     BIANNCA recommends this hotel

  • 2017/11/23 18:48

    from Italy

     100% Satisfied

    We stayed with you on two occasions recently. We were delighted with the location of the Salamanca Inn and with the standard of the rooms. The staff were uniformly helpful, cheerful and welcoming. We intend to return to Tasmania in the not-too-distant future and will undoubtedly use the Salamanca Inn once more. We did not have breakfast, lunch/dinner or use room service during our stays with you: perhaps next time! A very pleasing experience!

     NIGEL recommends this hotel

  • 2017/11/20 09:22

    from AUSTRALIA

     100% Satisfied

    Brilliant location, lovely room with oohhh so comfy bed, staff could not be more nice ... thoroughly recommend.

     TRACY recommends this hotel

  • 2017/11/17 11:08

    from AUSTRALIA

     100% Satisfied

    Really appreciated on site parking

     RACHEL recommends this hotel

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